Friday, January 09, 2015


Well, I kind of hate to say this, but I just watched FOUR ROOMS as research for my cigarette lighter book. Why do I even mention it? Because I'm always saying everything was influenced by Jerry Lewis's THE BELLBOY but you never believe me, and most of the time it's not even true, plus you don't exist, yet in this case they WANT you to know it from the beginning and then at the end the character played by Quentin Tarantino makes a long, impassioned speech about Jerry Lewis, of course he makes a long, impassioned speech, it's one of those roles he writes for himself in which he just spews a lot of stuff out of his mouth, like a human "blog." FOUR ROOMS presented no real worth in terms of my book. Maybe I got a sentence out of it. Two? Two, I think. And it's an omnibus film sliced into sections, and the cigarette lighter section is the last section, so I could have just skipped to the last section instead of watching the whole thing - what I learned, as a matter of fact, I might have discovered in a crummy wikipedia article. BUT THAT'S NOT HOW I DO. So I watched the whole thing. I conclude with the following fascinating remarks: the final section of the movie takes place in an open, Lewisian space where there is a white couch dotted with Jerry-style multicolored pillows, Jerry-style wall-to-wall carpet and huge orange curtains, Jerry-style.