Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Big Times

Oxford! Come on! Bill Boyle ("William Boyle" for book cover purposes) is reading from his new book at Off Square Books on Wednesday, the usual time. His book is called DEATH DON'T HAVE NO MERCY, which is easy to remember because it really don't. I'm on the last story, and they've all been great. Kent Osborne bought a copy when he was in town. I think he read the first couple of stories while he was waiting at the counter for some Gus's Fried Chicken, and he was blown away, as the vernacular would have it. In yesterday's ADVENTURE TIME meeting Kent started describing one of Bill's stories to everybody and I was like, "Stop! I haven't read that one yet." But later I realized (while reading it with THE BIRDS on in the background) it's one I had the privilege and honor of hearing Bill work over at Good Idea Club. "He's like Bukowski," Kent said of Bill's work yesterday, "but with more..." "Stabbing?" I suggested. We agreed, too, that there were moments of the highest, darkest humor in Bill's grim world. AND THEN! On Saturday, head over to The End of All Music for Record Store Day. They've made
a vinyl LP (pictured) of our late pal Barry Hannah talking up a storm. Please muster the energy to "click" here for some fascinating details. I know it's hard! It's hard for you to "click" on things, you poor little baby. But there are only 500 of these precious gems so get there early. I really don't ask much of you.