Monday, April 06, 2015

The Margrave of Anspach, Subsequently Her Lover

Easter Sunday was cloudy and uneventful. To pass the time I picked up my old copy of THE NIGHT-SIDE OF NATURE; OR, GHOSTS AND GHOST-SEERS by Catherine Crowe. It's a first edition, I think. The front cover has become completely detached. Otherwise it's just fine. I opened it up and read, "Monsieur De S. had been violently in love with Hippolyte Clarion, the celebrated French actress, but she rejected his suit, in so peremptory a manner, that even when he was at the point of death, she refused his earnest entreaties, that she would visit him. Indignant at her cruelty, he declared that he would haunt her, and he certainly kept his word. I believe she never saw his ghost, but he appears to have always been near her... he signaled his presence at her bidding, by various sounds... Sometimes it was a cry, at others, a shot, and at others a clapping of hands or music... the margrave of Anspach, who was subsequently her lover, and Mr. Keppel Craven, were perfectly well acquainted with the circumstances of this haunting." So this guy follows her around after he dies and she makes him do tricks for her new boyfriends! I think that's okay. She's making the best of a terrible circumstance if you ask me. I mean, she can't have him arrested.