Saturday, April 18, 2015

Don't Think

Still slowly, slowly reading this book about the Middle Ages called THE MIDDLE AGES. And you know what? This is the absolute truth. As I was reading it today, I was LITERALLY thinking, "At least this won't have anything about lighters in it. I've turned in my cigarette lighter book and I'm not going to see lighters everywhere I look anymore." And then I turned the page and immediately came to a detail that MUST go into my cigarette lighter book. MUST! So that just shows you where thinking gets you. Nowhere, baby. Hey! I guess Jimmy is in town for Record Store Day. Saw him over at The End of All Music. We talked about monkhood. A famous monk came up. In conversation, I mean. I offered my (completely unsubstantiated!) theory that this monk secretly committed suicide. "He wouldn't be the first monk to commit suicide," Jimmy said soberly. Jimmy has a knack for saying things! Bill looked up the details of the monk's death on his cell phone. Some people left the room. Sorry to bring everybody down on Record Store Day! Anyway, Dr. Theresa and I are listening to this LP we bought on Record Store Day by the new-wave band Yachts and it's pretty great. See, not everything is about monks hypothetically committing suicide.