Sunday, May 08, 2011

Fun With Columns

Hey everybody, I got my BELIEVER magazine in the mail yesterday and was reading my column and thinking, "Hey, this one turned out okay." I don't usually think things like that! So check it out. Jason Polan's illustration is perfect and surprising as usual. There is an article on Mars in there that promises to be good. I'm sure it's all good, the whole issue! As you know, TREME comes on tonight. I wrote about being on the set in my most recent OXFORD AMERICAN column. I believe tonight's episode is the one they were shooting while I was there for my article. So as you watch it, you can imagine me lurking around behind the furniture and being a creep. What fun you're certain to have with that activity! You're welcome! During the Oxford Conference For the Book I was at a party where noted editor, writer, and intellectual Sven Birkets gave me an idea for a BELIEVER column. I haven't used it yet, but when I do I will be sure to give Mr. Birkets credit. It takes me all month to think up an idea, but a great one just popped out of his mouth spontaneously, like, I don't know, some Greek god that got born out of somebody's mouth. That probably happened, right? Sven Birkets would know. Oh, how I hate him! Not really. I was being humorous! My true feelings were and are of astonishment and gratitude. They always are. I walk around being astonished a lot. Plus that mention of the conference allows me to present this leftover picture of Michael Kupperman and Joe Matt with me in the background like, "Hey fellas! I'm part of the gang, too, right fellas? Hey, let's be buddies! Who wants a soda? My treat! Aw, c'mon, fellas! You know I can't run that fast! Where ya goin', fellas? Okay, I'll catch up with you later! You're gonna come over and see my treehouse, right fellas? It's real neat and everything! I have board games." Photo by Kent Osborne.