Monday, May 02, 2011

Hogan Celebrates Cloris Leachman's Birthday In a Special Way

"okay this has been haunting me..." The promising opening sentence of a recent email from Kelly Hogan! There has not been a paragraph break on this "blog" in its nearly five years of existence, so we are not going to start trying to figure it out now. But Kelly's choices in that matter are so expressive that I will indicate them by means of dashes (double dashes are Hogan's; caps, alarmed parenthetical question marks and other alarmed punctuation are likewise Hogan's). This message has been abridged and there are some editorial comments. And now, the email: "the other night -- a night during which I ate take-out Wisconsin fish-fry from the local tavern The Night Owl (there's your owl -- hey!)... a night which I later learned was the eve of Cloris Leachman's 85th birthday [recall that Hogan is an expert on celebrity birthdays, especially celebrities' 85th birthdays - ed.] - I coincidentally watched a movie starring Cloris on Netflix instant view -- a movie that I thought would be some "brain recess" - a 1975 movie-of-the-week about syphilis! - it's called 'Someone I Touched' aieee! - the title alone will give you 'something' - Cloris sang the title theme song too! - and KENNETH MARS plays her boss! [subsequent emails with Hogan confirmed that the film is not a comedy - ed.] - Glynnis O'Connor is in it! she is innocently playing volleyball at the beginning and a disease control guy comes to the beach and takes off his tie (??) and interrupts the game at 12-ALL to tell her she is infected! he doesn't even let her finish the game first! - it is incredibly chauvinistic! the moustaches are out of control!"