Monday, May 09, 2011

Wisecrack Proves Untenable

You know I was on the set taking notes for my Oxford American column while they were shooting part of last night's TREME. But not the horrific part! I certainly did not know that was coming. I never would have made my wisecrack yesterday about "lurking behind the furniture and being a creep." That just seems awful now, dreadful. It makes me feel terrible. Obviously they did not entrust me with such vital plot points. I was there for a few innocuous bits, such as when Jon Seda was enjoying some music in a hotel lounge with a lovely date. Yes, let's talk about that more lighthearted thing! For example, I wrote in my column that Jon Seda's companion was wearing a "black dress." But then the people at the TREME production offices told the OA fact checker it was a gray dress. (Yes, Natalie is the champion fact checker of all time - accept no substitutes! - and these are the kinds of things she checks - all things! Working with Natalie is like an advanced course in epistemology.) So that got changed. I thought, "Hmmm, I could have sworn it was a black dress." I saw it again last night on the air, and people, THAT IS A BLACK DRESS! Unless it is "charcoal gray" or something, yes, something my unfashionable eyes cannot comprehend. It just goes to show you how there is no truth. All right! So let's think about these small things - no truth and all - and not the devastating parts that threaten to crush our souls.