Sunday, December 04, 2011

Addressing the Controversy!

There is no controversy. Tom Franklin was the winner of the SKIN MAG poetry contest. Yes, he is married to Beth Ann Fennelly, who did President's Challenge push-ups alongside SKIN MAG! So what? SKIN MAG cares not for your small-minded propriety. Still, contest judge Gary Short HAD NO IDEA who the contestants were. And in fact, when you think about it, what does Tom Franklin get out of this? Part of the big "prize" was being mentioned on this "blog," WHERE AN ENTIRE SECTION IS ALREADY DEVOTED TO HIM. It's all just sad if you really think about it. Look, SKIN MAG operates by word of mouth. When I suggested to SKIN MAG that SKIN MAG should have a "web" site, SKIN MAG replied, "NO 'WEB' SITE!" in a startled and offended tone. So maybe as word gets around about SKIN MAG, there will be a greater number of contestants who are not Tom Franklin. Submissions for the next issue of SKIN MAG will occur around "the solstice," says SKIN MAG ominously. Pictured, from left: SKIN MAG, judge, "blogger," contest winner, push-up doer.