Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Movie Report

"You can do it, clammy Mitchum!" Dr. Theresa shouted encouragingly at the screen during a viewing of EL DORADO. Robert Mitchum is very clammy during much of the latter part of the film (see photo). Later he cleans up and puts on a fresh outfit, though not to great effect according to Dr. Theresa: "He looks like a Russian dancer!" I had always vaguely and dismissively thought of EL DORADO as a pale imitation of RIO BRAVO. But drawn in by Dr. Theresa's commitment ("He put that horse in reverse!" she remarked approvingly of John Wayne's equestrian skills) I found out it was good. EL DORADO was good. We particularly liked the philosophical hired killer played by Christopher George. Don't know much about him. According to the "internet" he subsequently appeared in a movie called THE DAY SANTA CLAUS CRIED, which seems unfortunate.