Thursday, December 01, 2011


Just a couple of days from the inaugural issue of SKIN MAG. Don't worry! It's not a "racy" publication! It's some guy with his shirt off, and he runs around Oxford with YOUR POEM written on his back in lipstick. So maybe it is kind of "racy." No, this isn't some koo koo make-em-up I'm pulling your leg with in funny land! It's a real poetry contest. And part of the dubious "prize" is that the name of the winner appears on this "blog" on Dec. 4. To quote from the official rules of the contest (it's too late to enter now, sorry!): "Record of the winning writer and poem will be archived for record’s sake, but the poem will not be printed, distributed online, or photographed by Skin Mag or anyone affiliated with the publication. No monetary 'reward' will be given." Plans for Dec. 3 include drinks for the poem's "medium" at City Grocery Bar, "fifty-five 'President Challenge' pushups" and a shirtless tour of Faulkner's house. That's not all! There's also plenty of grave desecration, just for starters! I guess you'll have to wait for the "blog" on Dec. 4 to find out more. The contest is being judged by legit poet Gary Short. Rumor has it that legit poet Beth Ann Fennelly will jog along with the poem for at least part of its route. Legit! This event has almost TOO MUCH legitimacy if you ask me.