Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Yuletide Reflection

It behooves us upon this reflective time of year to recall the Justine Bateman rock-and-roll movie SATISFACTION. Justine Bateman was the star! Julia Roberts was naught but the piddling sidekick of a sidekick. Oh, life. Truly your ways are most wondrous. Liam Neeson was the leading man who fell in love with Justine Bateman. His dog made comical expressions whenever something comical happened! Like, "Wuh-woh!" Such is the thought that the dog's expression conveyed. If you had to guess the "breakout star," you would not say Julia Roberts. You would say Britta Phillips. She got all the wisecracks. I guess she went on to do the voice of Jem in the cartoon program JEM, so don't you worry about Britta Phillips. Wikipedia tells me that she was in an Atlanta band during our time there, the name of which I recall from many a flyer, so maybe Dr. Theresa and I saw her play. Yet we never knew! WE NEVER KNEW! I have certainly given you a lot to think about during this holiday season.