Friday, December 23, 2011

Marshmallow Field

Lee Durkee sends me some guy's UFO footage, but what he really likes is the narration. It's easy to see why! ("Click" here.) Dig the super mellow tone when the guy says the UFO is "south of Marshmallow Field... back of the cemetery." He calmly suggests that skeptics can "go eat fish." That's the most anger he can muster in his super mellow way! Lee found the guy's "blog," too, and sent a "link," but I can't "link" to it... not JUST because it might be from that part of the "internet" from which no one ever returns. Also, whenever I "click" on it, my computer grinds to a halt. Maybe it's just me! But I'm trying to save you the trouble. His design choice is this: dark purple font over a black background. Hard to read! But Lee says he "blogs" about his buddy, an alien space commander who happens to look like a sultry Swedish actress. All right!