Thursday, January 26, 2012

Help Me With These Jars

"The Wizard comes to the Parapet to contemplate. He looks down into the Pit of Night." What's this? More of my sprawling fantasy epic? Good guess, but nope! It's from DR. SAX by Jack Kerouac. Oh, Jack Kerouac! Once more you beat me at my own game. FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE! He even put talking cats in it, the way I did in one chapter of my sprawling fantasy epic! "'Oooh-Ah-man!' I heard a whisper from the cat. It was a Talking Cat? Doctor Sax said 'Yes it was a talking cat once I suppose. Help me with these jars.'" BUT! The new chapter of my sprawling fantasy epic IS up at the VICE magazine "web" site RIGHT NOW and THERE IS NOTHING JACK KEROUAC CAN DO ABOUT IT. "Click" here to enjoy sentences such as "From the waistband of her crinoline tutu she stealthily removed her letter opener of death." (That murder weapon is a tribute to QUEENPIN by Megan Abbott! I don't think that is a spoiler, because as soon as that letter opener appears in QUEENPIN you are like, "Uh, somebody is going to get murdered with that.")