Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Shut Up Old Man

I saw over on the facebook there that A Cappella Books is moving out of our old neighborhood and to a new location. Citizens of Atlanta! Go support it. I used to walk up there almost every day and get my cup of coffee from Aurora and poke around the bookstore and maybe Criminal Records (which isn't there anymore either). Ugh! I know you're bored! I'm boring myself. I'm going to be the kind of old man who visits the old neighborhood and looks around all disappointed in the world and says, "That's where such-and-such used to be." Like, "I remember one day I was walking here and I saw a white rat with no head." Like, "That's where I saw Bruce Springsteen stocking up on pricey art books. Why, I was close enough to touch his bald spot!" And whatever young punk I'm with will say, "Who's Bruce Springsteen?" It's no more than I deserve.