Saturday, January 07, 2012

Illinois Cat Salute

A while back these nice kids from Illinois came through town with a microphone to "record writers." It was when John Brandon was still here, as I know because they recorded us together. BRANDON! Why did you have to go? Well, these kids went all over the place and have their "web" site up now and it is called "The Knox Writers' House." You can have fun "clicking" around on it and please do. One neat thing is that the writers were asked to read from other people's work as well as their own, so it's interesting to see what they picked. I read a chapter of RAY by Barry Hannah and Christopher Smart's salute to his cat. Each writer is represented by a crazy caricature. Mine is wearing a bow tie and holding a glass of wine. I have really walked around in a costume like that once, and I know just the photo they scrounged up off the "internet" as raw material. It was a party at a mansion! All night long as I sipped my wine something kept bobbing against my lip and I thought it was a little piece of cork. But as the evening came to a close, I learned the truth. It was a DEAD FLY! Think about it.