Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Potting Racketeers

Jack Kerouac was highly influenced by The Shadow - oh, Jack Kerouac, we are just alike. In his DR. SAX, Kerouac recalls "when The Shadow in one of his Lamont Cranston masterpieces published by Street & Smith visited the shores of the Mississippi and blew up a personal rubber boat of his own which however was not perfected like the new one concealed in his hat, he'd bought it in St. Louis during the day with one of his agents and it made a bulky package under his arm as they cabbed for the evening scene along the water glancing anxiously at their watches for when to turn into Shadows - I was amazed that The Shadow should travel so much, he had such an easy time potting racketeers in New York Chinatown Waterfront with his blue .45..."