Monday, February 25, 2013

Beans Are My New Thing

My sister picked the correct winner of the best supporting actor prize, the first award of the evening. It didn't look good for me! But then I came back spectacularly with "best animated short." I picked one called "Paperman," about which I knew nothing, because it sounded like the title of something that would win an award. And I was right! Receiving this welcome news, I called my sister on the phone immediately and screamed "IN YOUR FACE!" But then she turned the tables on me AGAIN with best animated feature. Oh boy! We were in for it! A real roller coaster ride in our annual Oscar-guessing contest. Folks, you're not going to believe this, but we TIED for the second year in a row, 15-15. My little sister is a worthy foe! Most importantly, I discovered that for the second year in a row I was eating beans while watching the Oscars. I didn't plan it. IT JUST HAPPENED. That is going to be my new thing.