Saturday, February 16, 2013


We watched DUNE. A monster shoots planets out of its butt! There are people called "Fremen," which is not pronounced "Freemen" as you might expect, but sounds more like "Frimmin," a word Jerry Lewis might say. In fact I fantasized that when we met the Frimmin, Jerry Lewis might be playing their king. You know I have always wanted David Lynch to put Jerry in a movie. Yes, I imagined Jerry going around saying, "I'm king of the FRIMMin!" (See also.) It didn't happen. I guess my favorite part was when - spoiler alert! (do I really need to give you a spoiler alert for a movie from 1984 [see also]?) - this weird little kid gets to defeat the bad guy at the end. She uses a pointy silver finger gadget (seen here) to pop him like a balloon, which he greatly resembles. It's exhilarating, a big goof, and the kid actor seems to be having a blast!