Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pith Helmet

I was looking through the New York Times archives for articles about Charles Portis and I came across the snippy, dismissive review they printed when MASTERS OF ATLANTIS came out. And I thought, "What sort of person could dislike MASTERS OF ATLANTIS so much?" So I "googled" this reviewer up and found his "web" site on which he models a pith helmet, and offers "magical tours" of Egypt, and says that "contemporary cosmology" owes much to tarot, and presents an "open letter" to an archaeology magazine that has dared to question the existence of Atlantis (!), and provides hints of some overarching "lost civilization theory," and refers to "the upcoming Age of Aquarius," and you know how when you start "googling" something, "google" will automatically try to finish typing the search term for you? Well, "google" primarily associates the reviewer with Joe Rogan, the comedian and actor who, as we have previously learned from the "internet," has "adventures" in "invisible realms." So what I am saying is that the New York Times got a character from MASTERS OF ATLANTIS to review MASTERS OF ATLANTIS, which must have seemed like a cute idea, but come on, New York Times.