Friday, February 01, 2013

My Heartfelt Apologies to the Olsen Twins

I found the video that was repeated over and over and over and over as Ward and I waited in a long, slow line to check into the MGM Grand in 1994. Please "click" here to see it. Turns out my memory is not so good. Allow me to correct some misstatements from the previous "post": 1) At no point (I think) do the Olsen twins employ "huge magnifying glasses," though one of them looks through a microscope. 2) The dog in the video is a beagle, not a bloodhound as I erroneously reported. 3) Said beagle is not wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat. He IS, however, doing double takes in the exact manner I indicated. But this is not the time to pat myself on the back. 4) The Olsen twins are proclaiming themselves to be "Super duper snoopers," NOT "Super DOOPER pooper TROOPERS." I hedged my bets on that one a little bit by calling it a paraphrase, but there is no excuse for such misrepresentation. 5) The piece does not employ the traditional rhythms of the march, as I may have implied. Still, I haven't seen it since 1994, so I think it did a formidable job of burning itself into my brain. Nevertheless, the "blog" regrets the errors. I hope it is not impolite to wonder how the bass player felt when he was required to lay down such a funky line at about 11 seconds in.