Saturday, February 02, 2013

Embarrassment of the Hat Dog

Yes, uh-huh, why not, let's continue our examination of the Olsen twins music video of which I was subjected to repeat viewings on a huge wall of monitors as I stood in a line at a Las Vegas check-in counter in 1994. First, we'll review what we have learned so far. 1) I described the video from painful memory. 2) I found the actual video on the "internet," and learned that my memory had failed me in several respects. For example, the dog was not wearing a Sherlock Holmes hat. And now I receive an email from my friend Ward, who was in that line with me in 1994. Ward writes: "It's so weird. I thought your earlier description of the video was dead on, especially about the dog. In my mind he was wearing not only a Sherlock Holmes hat, but also a cape and I could've sworn he had a big pipe in his mouth, too. When they finally do have the hat on the dog near the end of the video it's so pathetic. You can tell the director probably told the wardrobe person to get a Sherlock Holmes hat, but they couldn't find one so they just cut up a couple of cheap black caps and sewed them together. You can tell the dog is completely embarrassed." (See also.) So in conclusion, the dog WAS wearing a makeshift Sherlock Holmes hat after all, something I failed to notice in my reexamination, or maybe I didn't make it to the end of the video. I hope this clears everything up. And now goodbye forever.