Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Owl

Hey yeah but I was out of town so I couldn't tell you when I found out that the book I'm reading has an owl in it, or "a owl," I should say, because that's the awkward way the narrator puts it. No, wait, the narrator is quoting a diarist who is quoting someone else (Grover Cleveland's wife!) who is quoting Woodrow Wilson's daughter (!) who - spoiler alert - sees an apparition floating outside her bedroom window at night 'SALEM'S LOT style, its eyes "huge as a owl's." The Jersey Devil just made an appearance, too. Joyce Carol Oates! THE ACCURSED. This book has everything, including the Jersey Devil. Oh, you don't know about the Jersey Devil? I'm sure he has a wikipedia page. "... reputedly a seven-foot predator bird/reptile with a long neck and a long, very sharp beak and sharp talons. Historically, the Jersey Devil is said to be the thirteenth child of a witch named Mother Leeds," explains the narrator of THE ACCURSED. But in case you don't believe Joyce Carol Oates, here's the wikipedia page. Pictured, Grover Cleveland's wife, the former Frances Folsom.