Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Giant Hole in Bob Hope's Roof

Megan Abbott sent me an article about the pending sale of Bob Hope's crazy futuristic house. Naturally I passed the "link" (you should really "click" it and see the wonders) to McNeil. McNeil responded: "I wonder how many golf jokes he made that involved that giant hole in his roof? We should dress up real fancy, fly out there with a big metal suitcase and ask to see 'the property what was Mr. Bob Hope's.' That way we could climb the big f****** rock in his living room." I have some other stuff I want to "blog" about too so why shouldn't I cram it all into this "post," because who cares? I loved the most recent ADVENTURE TIME episode and I'm very proud and happy to be associated with a show that can be summarized like this (spoiler alert!) on the "internet": "Remorseful, Xergiok removed his eyes again and walked into a lake, where he met a lonely mermaid and started a relationship with her." The episode, entitled "The Great Birdman," was written and storyboarded by Jesse Moynihan and Ako Castuera. Jesse wrote something about it on his "blog." Pictured, we see Xergiok, foreground, having a flashback to the old days when he used to enjoy spanking his fellow goblins. To conclude, I just read about King Edward III in FOUNDATION by Peter Ackroyd. He had a jacket with the slogan "It Is As It Is" woven into it. This was in like 1327! So I want to say that Edward III invented the ironic t-shirt. He didn't, but I want to say it.