Sunday, March 17, 2013

Owl Party

Why do I keep a big long list of every book with an owl in it? Well may you ask! I don't know. It started as a way to support my supposed theory that "every great book has an owl in it," later revised to "every book has an owl in it." So I am rereading MASTERS OF ATLANTIS by Charles Portis for class, not a terrible way to spend the last day of spring break, and I come across the question of why Mr. Jimmerson's son never visits him: "any excuse would serve - a flute lesson, a head cold, his tummy hurt or he was having a tea party for his dolls and his baby owl." So, to lay out Mr. Portis's novels chronologically for you, NORWOOD has an owl in it and TRUE GRIT has an owl in it and THE DOG OF THE SOUTH has an owl in it and MASTERS OF ATLANTIS has an owl in it, so if GRINGOS turns out to have an owl in it, EVERY CHARLES PORTIS NOVEL WILL HAVE AN OWL IN IT. Is it too early to start drinking?