Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Some Big Lord

Man I can only make it through a page or two of this LIFE OF SAMUEL JOHNSON at a time. It's not Boswell's fault! It's just the way my life is shaking out right now. The other day I was reading about how Johnson was going to dedicate his dictionary to some big lord or whatnot but then one day he was sitting around waiting to see the lord and the lord never came out and Johnson was getting peeved and finally the lord came out with this dude Colley Cibber that nobody liked, and Johnson was all, "Dude! I can't believe you left me sitting here while you were hanging out with that jerk Colley Cibber!" And so he was like, "You can forget about having my dictionary dedicated to you! I hope you have fun with Colley Cibber, your NEW BEST FRIEND!" The name Colley Cibber seemed familiar to me so I looked him up on wikipedia, which is what you do nowadays. Colley Cibber!