Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Ruin It

Last night's ADVENTURE TIME episode ("Simon and Marcy") was so good! I don't know if it's a good way "into" the show if you haven't seen it before ("Simon and Marcy" takes place almost 1,000 years before the other episodes do), but it's especially good at everything I love about the show. AND... the plot hinges weirdly and most unexpectedly on Tom Franklin's own favorite TV show... SPOILER ALERT. I AM ABOUT TO RUIN IT FOR YOU. LIKE I RUIN EVERYTHING. From the AV Club review ("click" here): "he starts to sing the Cheers theme song, which serves as his tether to sanity." Let me say that it shouldn't work at all - it's nothing like anything the show has done before. If you'd asked me whether ADVENTURE TIME would ever include a CHEERS reference, I might have even been offended and scoffed at you! Scoffed at you in your face! But it works perfectly. HOW? I had absolutely nothing to do with this episode - the ones I worked on don't air until much later - but I'm really proud to be involved with people who can do something this good and audacious.