Friday, October 09, 2015

Jack's News Roundup

Sometimes people send me "links" to news articles they think I will be interested in. And they are always right! McNeil sent me this article about a recent Jerry Lewis appearance at the Friars Club. My brother-in-law David sent me an article about how they're trying to preserve the spirit of Manuel's Tavern EVEN AS THEY DESTROY IT (I remain skeptical; they keep talking about cleaning the dust off of stuff! I don't approve). I would just add that in a review of Elvis Costello's new autobiography in today's New York Times, EC describes Jerry Lewis as "appealing." In other news, we watched a ghost movie called WE ARE STILL HERE for our Halloween Film Festival. This means that ghost movies account for a whopping 60% of this year's Halloween movies. I didn't check my math. But statistics don't lie! Truly 2015 is The Year of the Ghost. Ghosts are making a real comeback! Get it? Because they're dead and then they come back. Let's hear it for the can-do "spirit" of ghosts! In conclusion, this is a picture of me having dinner with Elvis Costello that I just happen to have lying around.