Sunday, October 25, 2015

Strange Incentive

I keep waking up in the wee hours just when some FRIENDS reruns are coming on. 1. Season nine credits are really baby-centric, or was that just for the one episode? Anyway, how did that baby get in the credits so much? Have some respect for the series regulars, newborn baby. You haven't put in the work! 2. Chandler's voice is way higher-pitched in season seven. I think science will back me up on this. 3. Dr. Theresa and I took a vote and decided unanimously that TIME AFTER TIME would be acceptable as part of our Halloween festival, but then we watched it and I just don't know if I agree with myself. That's not the point! The point is, during the FRIENDS reruns last night I saw a Lunchables commercial in which Malcolm McDowell (star of TIME AFTER TIME) pretends to be a teenager to get some of the teenagers' sweet, sweet Lunchables. They've turned Malcolm McDowell into the Lucky Charms leprechaun! The slogan is "More for you, less for Malcolm," a strange incentive for eating Lunchables. I'm also upset by the implication that teenagers should rudely call Mr. McDowell by his first name. 4. I can't remember where I saw this commercial for French vodka. I've seen it numerous times. At the end, some guys cheerfully raise a glass in tribute to the guy who invented the French vodka and he glances over his shoulder at them with an expression that says, "Keep your opinion to yourselves, worms."