Saturday, March 26, 2016

Scenes From a Sandwich

Watched Bergman's SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE. It's mostly about how much they enjoy sandwiches. Like, another couple comes over for dinner and after dinner the woman throws a drink in the man's face. Then they leave and Liv Ullmann and her husband decide they want some "beer and sandwiches." In a later scene the husband is eating a sandwich and it makes Liv Ullmann hungry and she wants a sandwich too! And I was like, "There should be a drinking game for every time Liv Ullman and her husband eat sandwiches!" But right after that sandwich - during that sandwich! - things take a grim turn and I suspected there would be no more sandwiches. Much later, after one dramatic moment, the husband says to Liv Ullmann, "Let's go get a beer and a..." and I was like "A sandwich? A sandwich?" but the husband said "mixed grill." And I was like, "What IS a mixed grill, even?" It's not a sandwich. I was very disappointed. Finally they go back to their little country getaway where they ate sandwiches years before, and on the way Liv Ullmann even talks about how she "stocked up on food," and I was like, "Oh boy! I just know they are going to have a sandwich for old times' sake." But there were no more sandwiches. :(