Sunday, March 06, 2016

Sorry You're Welcome and Good Morning

"Knew this would interest and depress you. Sorry you're welcome and good morning," writes Lee Durkee, enclosing a "link" to an article about monkeys riding dogs. I should "link" to the whole thing because I'm going to quote it: "Lepard has been married four times. It’s always been the monkeys and the dogs first." But that doesn't mean you have to "click" on it. The very idea depresses me so much that I don't even feel like checking to see whether this is the same monkey-and-dog impresario depicted by Anya Groner and Elizabeth Kaiser some years ago, though the mention of "neon green tassels" makes me suspect he is. On a related note, I neglected to "link" to that "boring interview" (McNeil's words!) yesterday. And as boring as it may be, it has inspired some lively email exchanges. McNeil likes this part: "Sheldon was a very good actor. He had to choke me in a scene. And he really choked me!" McNeil humorously hints that the interviewer was considering a similar tactic by this point. I like the part where Marvin Kaplan, the interviewee, recalls being stunned, vexed, astonished and amazed to discover that a man might prefer cats over dogs. He has never heard of such a thing!