Monday, May 13, 2024


I gave updates on this story on social media, back before I quit it like the biggest hero this world has ever seen. Somehow, though, I never mentioned it here, in the lonely spot that no one ever visits. But around 10 years ago, my dad started to spend most weekends building a car from scratch, a car that came from his own brain. I'm not sure I'm getting this across. Like, first there was nothing. Then there's a bolt or a screw or a spark plug, and eventually there's a whole engine, and then, bit by bit, there's a car around it. He just decided to make a car, and he made a car. And now (see above) it's almost finished! Furthermore, he's going to race it, an idea I can't say my mom is too thrilled about. I mean, I'm 60, so, if you think about it, you'll come to the conclusion that my parents are older than me.