Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Novelty Mug Encourages Useless Reflection

Hi! I am drinking coffee from an enormous Wonder Woman mug belonging to Theresa. I believe it is an art object, and not meant to be used as a cup in the real world - it's like a prop for a hobbit movie - yet that never stops me. It was made in China and the inside is painted, and isn't that where all the lead paint came from that time - China? Oh well. It is far too late to worry about that. Now for my point. Remember yesterday, when we were discussing what SHAZAM stands for? Inside the enormous Wonder Woman mug are inscribed these words: "BEAUTIFUL AS APHRODITE, WISE AS ATHENA, STRONG AS HERCULES, AND SWIFTER THAN MERCURY." Most of the letters in SHAZAM are represented, and they retain Hercules and Mercury from the acronym, adding something from the distaff side - and it seems to me they could have thought of a few other goddesses or heroines to paint on the inside of the Wonder Woman mug because there's really no need to associate the letters from SHAZAM with Wonder Woman, although I do recall that Captain Marvel had a sister named Mary Marvel (pictured) and when she said "SHAZAM" Aphrodite and Athena were probably invoked, in fact I'm going to look it up because my life has lost all meaning.