Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oatmeal Tips

Welcome once again to "Oatmeal Tips." Today's oatmeal tip does not come from one of you loyal readers. It was vouchsafed to the "blog" by fate! Surely I am not wrong to see the Hand of Providence at work. I happened to change the channel to David Letterman last night just as famous actor Jeff Goldblum was delivering a celebrity oatmeal tip. He was explaining how hard it was to order oatmeal from room service in Germany. His tip? I'll paraphrase: if you are planning a trip to Germany and you love oatmeal as much as Jeff Goldblum does, learn to say oatmeal in German or cross-cultural hilarity will ensue. Want to be like a famous movie actor? Simply send your oatmeal tip to "Oatmeal Tips" c/o "Writer" Oxford, MS 38655.