Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Friend and Neighbor

One of the links in that last post led to a mention of our friend Dean, who passed away not too many days ago. I didn't mention it here at the time because this format is so dumb and seems to trivialize everything. I hope I'm not doing that now. I'll be brief. I don't like to write here about anything truly important or personal if I can help it. But it didn't feel right, linking to a post with her name in it and not mentioning the sad event. When we first moved into the neighborhood, I got a big kick seeing Dean in her yard, working with her flowers. Faulkner's niece! It was a novelty and just made us feel we had made some good decisions and ended up somewhere special. As time went on, we got to know Dean and her husband Larry and they became our dear friends and good neighbors, so thoughtful and generous. We miss Dean a lot. You can read a nice tribute by our friend Wright.