Monday, August 01, 2011

Point Your Hand Into an Empty Portion of the Sky

Thought I'd poke around on the "internet" for some information about Mr. Hodson, author of FAIRIES AT WORK AND PLAY. Within TWO "CLICKS" I found myself on the "web" site of the horrible behemoth, which, as you know, I despise, save for the beautifully entertaining customer comments. One such customer comment (on one of Mr. Hodson's books) mentioned - of all things - HOW TO CONTACT SPACE PEOPLE by Ted Owens, a recent and obscure object of "blog" curiosity. You can imagine my surprise! In fact, the prose style of the commenter and his (or her) "screen name" (which was drawn directly from the text of HOW TO CONTACT SPACE PEOPLE), made me wonder if the commenter might BE Ted Owens, the author of HOW TO CONTACT SPACE PEOPLE. So I looked up Mr. Owens on the wikipedia, but he died in 1987, so I guess not. OR IS HE SENDING "INTERNET" COMMENTS FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE? Probably! This anonymous person's review of a bigfoot book contained the following advice: "Go outside at night. Point your hand into an empty portion of sky. Paint with your mind's eye a picture of a Big Sasquatch in that portion of sky. Then wait a day or two." That's VERY similar to some advice handed out in HOW TO CONTACT SPACE PEOPLE. Don't do it!