Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Only Real Ice Cream

Sometimes I am so boring that I bore myself but that's what a "blog" is all about. I promised to tell you every time ice cream makes an appearance in ON THE ROAD and I guess we are both just stuck with it. "The cousin continued to drive us around and even bought us ice-cream pops." And "She apologized for the peach ice cream: 'It ain't nothing but cream and peaches froze up together.' Of course it was the only real ice cream I ever had in my whole life." I also forgot to tell you about a milkshake I think but maybe I decided that didn't count. You know, this book isn't really about ice cream and pie after all. Sure did seem we were headed that way in Chapter 3! But sometimes life is not the way it seems. The only other pie has been some "apple pies in the sky" that Dean mentions, but those are metaphorical.