Thursday, August 11, 2011

No Glaze, No Sprinkles

I'll tell you something else both books (THE ADJUSTMENT and ANGELA SLOAN) have in them: donuts. In Scott Phillips's hardboiled world, the main character tells the diner waitress that he's taking the donut home to his pregnant wife... BUT THEN HE EATS IT IN THE CAR! And that is BY FAR the least awful thing he does in the book. Now here is Whorton's narrator, the eponymous Angela Sloan: "I like a plain cake donut, no glaze, no sprinkles. Other things went out of my head while I ate this donut. The outside was crisp and toasty with a tallowy aroma and hints of nutmeg. The yellow interior was soft and dense." You know, the "blog" revealed almost five years ago that Whorton enjoys a plain cake donut as much as his narrator does. That's a scoop!