Thursday, August 16, 2012

Frog Teeth Castanets

Over on twitter, Ben Greenman notes that it is the 82nd birthday of the first cartoon with color and sound. I just watched it and laughed several times, such as when the frog uses his teeth percussively, like castanets, and the jump cut at about 4:48 when suddenly the frog, the mouse, the piano stool, and the piano are dancing in a kind of chorus line. With a little research I could figure out the mouse's relationship to Mickey Mouse. Is he a rip-off, or did Mickey rip HIM off? But I'm too tired to do research. When he opens his mouth, this mouse has two sharp little vampiric fangs. He brings to light that underlying thing about Mickey that always made us nervous, whatever it was. So this gets 14 "dislikes" on youtube. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? The youtube comments are sprinkled with the usual psychosis, but there are also some goofy ones that make me laugh, for example, the needlessly astonished "A frog that sounds like a duck, WTF?" and "my grandfather... loved to dump pepper on his food!"