Thursday, August 09, 2012


"The most popular aperient substance of the twentieth century (it belongs to the category of stimulant laxatives) phenolphthalien was first marketed in Germany in 1900 under the trade name Purgen. There quickly followed Purgo and Purgil, Purgatin and Purgatol, Purglets, Purgylum, Purgettae, Purganetto, Purgolade... Laxitiv, Laxine and Laxinkonfekt brought up the rear." Some thorough scholarship from INNER HYGIENE: CONSTIPATION AND THE PURSUIT OF HEALTH IN MODERN SOCIETY, an Oxford University Press publication (!) I first discovered because the author's name is similar to that of "Blog" Buddy Jim Whorton. Ha ha, "brought up the rear." Sorry, world. Goodbye forever.