Thursday, August 23, 2012


Hey did one of my horrible neighbors turn on all of his or her horrible Christmas lights that are strung over everything so horribly and sit in the yard and play a musical saw at midnight? That's kind of what it seemed like! Nothing against the musical saw. Fave band Hubcap City utilizes a musical saw. Look! According to this picture, even Marlene Dietrich played a musical saw. And on the "internet" I found "a tribute to the saw playing clowns of yore." That's from the "Saw Lady" "web" site, where I also discovered the picture of Dietrich. The "Saw Lady" uses "yore" a lot, and I like it. "Who Were the Bell Ringers of Yore?" her "web" site plaintively asks... and answers! "Who Were the Musical Saw Players of Yore?" she goes on. "Know of another saw playing clown, living or deceased?" she eerily enquires. If you like strangely faded and discolored photos of clowns holding saws, this is your lucky day! One of the Saw Lady's CDs is entitled "Hark! An Angel Sings." Required disclaimer: I am not a paid endorser of the Saw Lady. I am just drawing your attention to her thanks to my healthy sense of curiosity. Speaking of which, you can hear a radio broadcast on youtube of Marlene Dietrich doing a little Hawaiian number on her musical saw. The first musical saw tune I searched for on youtube was "The Swan," because I could just imagine that it's the standard encore piece for the musical saw virtuoso, and boy was I right.