Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Character of the Titular Young Man

"Geddes sings from first person narrative in the character of the titular young man." Ha ha! So formal. Yes, I just looked up the wikipedia article about "Run, Joey, Run." To enjoy it for yourself, "click" here. It even uses the verb "expire," just as I did, and notes that the woman in the song "sacrifices" her life for Joey. But I promise I did not plagiarize the wikipedia article about "Run, Joey, Run." Here is a little more of the wonderfully stilted summary which I hope you will savor in its entirety: "Though Julie's father furiously swore his own vengeance, Joey, ignoring his own peril, immediately rushes over to Julie's home." How I love it. Yet wikipedia did not tell me what I wanted to know: the identity of the unfairly neglected young woman who really carries the song for that ungrateful jerk. (NOTE: I have no evidence that David Geddes was or is an ungrateful jerk. He's probably very nice.)