Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Sad Jimmy

My friend at "She Blogged By Night" did a "post" about THE BOATNIKS (that film incidentally a long-running all-purpose punch line between Mr. Ward and myself), which somehow got me thinking about the 1972 Disney film THE BISCUIT EATER. I want to say that the theme song included the words "egg-sucking dog." Is that possible? It seems a little rough for Disney. My powers of "googling" - usually so magnificent - have failed me here. As I recall, the dog in the movie was insulted as a "biscuit eater" who also enjoyed "sucking eggs" and I guess I still don't understand what's so bad about biscuits and eggs. They are delicious! The dog would be crazy NOT to want them! Googling around on the "internet" eventually led me to the wikipedia entry on the Disney film THE MILLION DOLLAR DUCK, which I would now like to quote for you: "Katie (Sandy Duncan) gets a recipe for applesauce wrong and gives it to her husband to take to work for lunch, hoping it will help cut down on the budget. In a humorous chain reaction, the duck Albert is testing steals the applesauce after Albert has thrown it away in the trash, and then wanders into a radiation lab and becomes irradiated... it now lays golden eggs. In a Pavlovian manner, the duck, named 'Charlie' (despite being female), lays an egg when prompted by the barking of a dog... a suspicious neighbor, a government bureaucrat... starts spying on them... worldwide phone calls spread the rumor and Rutledge gets a phone call from President Richard Nixon to 'get that duck!' Albert is overcome by greed and no longer cares for his son, which saddens Jimmy." I keep telling you, this is what we used to consider entertainment. (See also.) Pictured, Sandy Duncan.