Monday, October 22, 2012

Brain Can Conspiracy

You know Laura Lippman has got me all fascinated like with these OZ books. And now Elizabeth writes in to inform me that she, like Laura, is a big fan. OZMA OF OZ is her favorite. As for Laura, I quote: "My favorite is probably the last one written by Baum, Glinda of Oz, which deals with a very petulant teen sorceress (sort of Kristen Stewart with magic powers) and a population of 'Flatheads,' who keep their brains in cans. Rich with conspiracies." Laura says that she "read every book in the L. Frank Baum series AND the 'sequels' written by Ruth Plumly Thompson, which were darker and not quite right." Intriguing! I see a lazy trip to wikipedia in my future. In a subsequent email, Laura just as intriguingly notes "the presence of strong girls and the absence of strong boys" in Baum's books. She can think of no more than three boys in them, one of whom (SPOILER ALERT) turns out to be a girl: OZMA! Now I know why Elizabeth likes that one so much. It's right up her alley.