Friday, October 05, 2012

Scary Dude at the City Dump

Reading another book with an owl in it, but that's no surprise because every book has an owl in it, as you well know. This time it's 'SALEM'S LOT. Some scary dude pops up at the city dump and declares, "I love the predators of the night. The rats... the owls... the wolves." Sound familiar? That's right! It's a riff on DRACULA - in particular a passage to which we have recently alluded, but also touching on Dracula's famous quip - in both the novel and the original movie - about wolves as the "children of the night" - oh, that Dracula and his snappy quips! (see also) - and no, I'm not reading 'SALEM'S LOT for my scary story class, and what kind of person reads DRACULA and 'SALEM'S LOT right in a row JUST FOR FUN? A VAMPIRE? No comment.