Sunday, October 07, 2012

More Terrible Things

Sorry I can't stop thinking about the mysterious death of Meriwether Lewis. His friend Alexander Wilson visited the site to get the scoop straight from Mrs. Grinder, the eyewitness. Wilson wrote: "He lies buried close by the common path, with a few loose rails thrown over his grave." Oh, that's terrible! The "blog" is usually so upbeat. Look, I said I'm sorry. Wilson goes on: "I gave Grinder money to put a post fence around it, to shelter it from the hogs, and from the wolves; [also terrible! So terrible! - ed.] and he gave me his written promise he would do it. I left this place in a very melancholy mood, which was not much allayed by the prospect of the gloomy and savage wilderness which I was just entering alone." While I was trying to find out who Wilson was (an ornithologist) I came across an article about the whole mystery by Dee Brown, so read that, too, and you can be just like me, thinking of the sad death of Meriwether Lewis all the time - what any patriotic American would do!