Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jack Jones Won't Let Us

"Will it ever be different that you and I will stop dreaming those big visions that keep us so human?" That's the beginning of some nutty liner notes on a Jack Jones LP I bought at The End of All Music a few weeks ago. Also: "Then, her knees that are too fat as they jump out of a mini skirt and the bulge of tummy that hangs over his swimming shorts don't mean a thing... That's what the Jones boy is saying, and he says it so it will run around in your ears if you hear it in the Go-Go that never stops being a sound pit or at a cocktail party where some creep is serenading you and over in the corner Sir John Galahad is arguing the propulsion strength of dry fuel and he won't look at you and your eyes have burnt a hole through his beguiling head... you want to climb those mountains and hills and find the stars and hold the hands, and kiss the lips, and light the cigarettes and have those babies... Just silly humans like you and me with big hearts and dreamy dreams. We will not stop: Jack Jones won't let us." Now, first of all, isn't it kind of ominous that Jack Jones won't let us stop? And next I will tell you that the liner notes turn out to be authored and signed by Father Norman J. O'Connor, and here I add a parenthetical exclamation point: (!).