Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Ghost Monkey Index

Earlier today I was up at Square Books indulging in my hobby - okay! It's the only thing I do at all anymore! - of checking the index of every new celebrity bio or autobiography for Jerry Lewis. Sadly, the Kenny Rogers memoir did not have an index. But Jerry does appear on one page of a new Henry Fonda bio called THE MAN WHO SAW A GHOST. Is that a good title for a Henry Fonda bio? Maybe! Maybe he saw a ghost once. I forgot to check the index for ghosts. The Jerry reference (page 148) is about a lacklustre performance by Fonda on the Martin and Lewis radio show. Fonda sings a little trio number with Martin and Lewis. The author refers to "Martin's lubricated lead" and "Lewis's monkey mewling" (!). I did not read enough to discover whether alliteration is a notable hallmark of the prose style. Fonda is said to sing like he has "a stomach full of rocks." I guess that would influence your singing all right!