Sunday, June 30, 2013

Big Fat Huge Giant

Plucked a big, fat, huge, giant book off the shelf: THE HINDUS: AN ALTERNATIVE HISTORY. It's been daring me to read it for years now. So within the first few pages the author quotes Garrison Keillor. And I thought, WHOA. Do I really want to read a gigantic book about Hinduism that quotes Garrison Keillor right off the bat? Nothing against Garrison Keillor! So I kept plugging along listlessly and Chapter Two began "50 million years ago." That tore it! I can't read a book that covers 50 million years worth of material! I'm getting old and I just don't have the time. So I threw it on the table where we keep the cat food, by the back door, because that's also where I pile up the books I take to Off Square Books to trade in for store credit. But you know what? I had a couple glasses of wine and now I feel like I can handle it.