Friday, June 07, 2013

What Is Life

Hey look it's Anne Heche and me, working on our SECRET PROJECT. Hey, as long as I've got you here, I need to make a very important correction to the previous "post." I said that the Demon's friend Harry Mathews spelled his last name with one "t," like the great Oulipo writer Harry Mathews. But I was just reading THE DEMON #4 and he spelled it with two! Comic books are very convenient for the memory-impaired because characters are always using their own full names to refer to themselves. In issue #1, Harry Mathews suggests, "TRY HARRY MATHEWS IN A POKER GAME!" In issue #4 he exclaims: "A - A FRIEND WHO TURNS INTO A DEMON! A FINE FRIEND FOR HARRY MATTHEWS!" When I noticed the subtle change, I grew weary with despair. Is this all there is to life? Laboriously noting discrepancies in old comic books? As you can see from the photo, NO! But mostly, yes.