Saturday, June 08, 2013

The Campari Decision

I was sitting at the bar at Snackbar and having dinner - soft shell crabs! - when I noticed that a young woman was drinking Campari. I almost said, "Hey, Richard Nixon's favorite drink was Campari and soda!" But I didn't say that, because I suddenly realized I have no idea whether that is actually true. Where did I read it? Did I read it? Who knows? I have been going around for years just casually saying it like it's true. THAT ENDS NOW. Randy Yates, the owner of Ajax, sat down next to me at the bar, and I told him how every time Kent Osborne comes to town he orders Ajax's chicken po-boy numerous times, and I petitioned Randy on the spot to rename the chicken po-boy "The Osborne" but I must admit Randy just didn't care.